Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well last month was really not so great on the Fabulous front. It could have been a lot more fabulous! But that's okay. I got...


Unfortunately I have no photos of my haircut. Rest assured it is fabulous. It is all wavy and shapely like the sea! And all my grey hair is now dyed blue which I think is so fabulous I'm going to dye all my grey hair a weird color from now on. Also in more fabulous news, I am getting some kind of streak in my hair soon. YES

I just realized it uh oh!!!! Brainstorming time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fabulous? It's all in the eye of the beholder

I was amazed at the last month - June definitely didn't produce many opportunities for fabulousity, I must say. However, I did manage to squeeze in one small action on the evening of the 30th:Yes, I'm reliving my middle/high school years now that all four seasons of "The State" are finally on DVD. I ordered it on Monday night, and it should ship any day now. Hurray!

This isn't as fabulous as highly decorated cocktails or feather boas, but a girl must do what a girl must do. When the DVD set arrives, Inky and I shall drink Shirley Temples from decorative glasses and laugh until our sides ache.

This is just fabulousness that breeds more fabulousness, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thought we'd abandoned ship, didn't ya?

Hey, gang. Just wanted to let everyone know that Inky and SKate have not given up this blog!

Last month was my turn to produce the challenge, and I frankly threw it aside due to a minor health scare (read about that here, if you wish). However, all of that's sorted out, and I'm hale and hearty and predicted to live into next week at least. So I'll take over from where I left off and propose the June challenge:

Do something fabulous

Inky and I have lives that are currently lacking in glamor. She works her tentacles off, and I chase a small creature around the house, the grocery store, the doctor's office, or anywhere else we might happen to be. So this month we shall dedicate ourselves to adding a little more oomph to our existence. Fabulousness can include making something extraordinary, going somewhere outrageous, or just wearing something that demands a cocktail and a cigarette in an ebony holder as an accessory. Whatever makes you smile and purr "Darrrrling."

So get hopping, Inky! I expect a least hot-pink nail polish and little glitter in the coming three weeks. Extra points awarded for furry stoles and RuPaul style sequinsed wiggle dresses.

P.S. - Marine life sightings in Illinois! Pics to follow:


Do you know how rare it is to see a plastic skate in an ocean diorama?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fitness Challenge: SKate Update

Even considering that time is of the essence here, I've gotten off to a slow start on Inky's challenge. Last weekend I even ate a chocolate mousse for dessert on Saturday (not bikini friendly, but delicious). I have been exercising, though, so I'm at least partway there.

I don't really have a weight or measurement goal for myself. I'm fine with my current measurements, I'd just like to tone things up a little (my stomach and thighs in particular). So here's my routine over the last few days:

Friday 17April: Trampoline (one of the little ones you can use in the house) for 30 minutes. Wore weight vest (broke down and bought one when I found it on sale) for about twenty minutes while I cleaned up kitchen and picked up Bean's toys. 35 sit-ups and equal back exercises at bed time.

Saturday 18 April: Walked pushing stroller all day in St. Augustine. 30 sit-ups and 20 lateral sit-ups at bed time. Corresponding back exercises. 5 push-ups (miserable total, I know, but at least they were the full-deal military ones) and then as many girly push-ups as I could knock out.

Sunday 19 April: Walked around Jacksonville Zoo all day, once again pushing stroller. Gave abs rest day.

Monday 20 April: 30 minutes on mini stepper with wrist weights (4 lbs each). 50 sit-ups and corresponding back exercises. 6 push-ups and as many girly ones as I could knock out.

Tuesday 21 April: 35 sit-ups and 2o lateral ones. Corresponding back exercises.

Wednesday 22 April: Walked two miles with stroller. Will do at least 40 sit-ups before bed. Will also try to match my 6 push-ups from Monday.

I have to confess, most of this stuff isn't new for me. I've just started doing it every night instead of whenever I remember it. Hopefully I can keep it up until June so that I can rock my new bathing suit when Inky and I hit the beach.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Challenge: Well, It's Almost Over

Bonjour c'est moi INKY with the April Challenge. This is a pretty cool challenge because we are halfway through the month! But the challenge for this month involves something no one wants to do anyway so it's okay if we only do it for two weeks.

SKate and I are ready to go to the BEACH. Unfortunately, the weather here has not yet become beach ready. Why?!?!? The first day of Spring has come and gone, and I still need a heavy blanket at night! I blame groundhogs.

Luckily, this gives us a little time to get in shape for the beach. So our April Challenge becomes:

April Challenge: Get In Shape!

Two weeks is not a long time to get in shape per se, but I think I lost nine pounds in two weeks on a jump rope. Now if I can only get myself motivated to jump rope again...Anyway. With any luck, this will give us some great new habits, and we will continue them into May.

I'll have to weigh myself and take measurements so I know how much I improve. Finding someone who has a scale is the hard part.