Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fitness Challenge: SKate Update

Even considering that time is of the essence here, I've gotten off to a slow start on Inky's challenge. Last weekend I even ate a chocolate mousse for dessert on Saturday (not bikini friendly, but delicious). I have been exercising, though, so I'm at least partway there.

I don't really have a weight or measurement goal for myself. I'm fine with my current measurements, I'd just like to tone things up a little (my stomach and thighs in particular). So here's my routine over the last few days:

Friday 17April: Trampoline (one of the little ones you can use in the house) for 30 minutes. Wore weight vest (broke down and bought one when I found it on sale) for about twenty minutes while I cleaned up kitchen and picked up Bean's toys. 35 sit-ups and equal back exercises at bed time.

Saturday 18 April: Walked pushing stroller all day in St. Augustine. 30 sit-ups and 20 lateral sit-ups at bed time. Corresponding back exercises. 5 push-ups (miserable total, I know, but at least they were the full-deal military ones) and then as many girly push-ups as I could knock out.

Sunday 19 April: Walked around Jacksonville Zoo all day, once again pushing stroller. Gave abs rest day.

Monday 20 April: 30 minutes on mini stepper with wrist weights (4 lbs each). 50 sit-ups and corresponding back exercises. 6 push-ups and as many girly ones as I could knock out.

Tuesday 21 April: 35 sit-ups and 2o lateral ones. Corresponding back exercises.

Wednesday 22 April: Walked two miles with stroller. Will do at least 40 sit-ups before bed. Will also try to match my 6 push-ups from Monday.

I have to confess, most of this stuff isn't new for me. I've just started doing it every night instead of whenever I remember it. Hopefully I can keep it up until June so that I can rock my new bathing suit when Inky and I hit the beach.

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