Sunday, July 5, 2009


Well last month was really not so great on the Fabulous front. It could have been a lot more fabulous! But that's okay. I got...


Unfortunately I have no photos of my haircut. Rest assured it is fabulous. It is all wavy and shapely like the sea! And all my grey hair is now dyed blue which I think is so fabulous I'm going to dye all my grey hair a weird color from now on. Also in more fabulous news, I am getting some kind of streak in my hair soon. YES

I just realized it uh oh!!!! Brainstorming time!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fabulous? It's all in the eye of the beholder

I was amazed at the last month - June definitely didn't produce many opportunities for fabulousity, I must say. However, I did manage to squeeze in one small action on the evening of the 30th:Yes, I'm reliving my middle/high school years now that all four seasons of "The State" are finally on DVD. I ordered it on Monday night, and it should ship any day now. Hurray!

This isn't as fabulous as highly decorated cocktails or feather boas, but a girl must do what a girl must do. When the DVD set arrives, Inky and I shall drink Shirley Temples from decorative glasses and laugh until our sides ache.

This is just fabulousness that breeds more fabulousness, if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thought we'd abandoned ship, didn't ya?

Hey, gang. Just wanted to let everyone know that Inky and SKate have not given up this blog!

Last month was my turn to produce the challenge, and I frankly threw it aside due to a minor health scare (read about that here, if you wish). However, all of that's sorted out, and I'm hale and hearty and predicted to live into next week at least. So I'll take over from where I left off and propose the June challenge:

Do something fabulous

Inky and I have lives that are currently lacking in glamor. She works her tentacles off, and I chase a small creature around the house, the grocery store, the doctor's office, or anywhere else we might happen to be. So this month we shall dedicate ourselves to adding a little more oomph to our existence. Fabulousness can include making something extraordinary, going somewhere outrageous, or just wearing something that demands a cocktail and a cigarette in an ebony holder as an accessory. Whatever makes you smile and purr "Darrrrling."

So get hopping, Inky! I expect a least hot-pink nail polish and little glitter in the coming three weeks. Extra points awarded for furry stoles and RuPaul style sequinsed wiggle dresses.

P.S. - Marine life sightings in Illinois! Pics to follow:


Do you know how rare it is to see a plastic skate in an ocean diorama?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fitness Challenge: SKate Update

Even considering that time is of the essence here, I've gotten off to a slow start on Inky's challenge. Last weekend I even ate a chocolate mousse for dessert on Saturday (not bikini friendly, but delicious). I have been exercising, though, so I'm at least partway there.

I don't really have a weight or measurement goal for myself. I'm fine with my current measurements, I'd just like to tone things up a little (my stomach and thighs in particular). So here's my routine over the last few days:

Friday 17April: Trampoline (one of the little ones you can use in the house) for 30 minutes. Wore weight vest (broke down and bought one when I found it on sale) for about twenty minutes while I cleaned up kitchen and picked up Bean's toys. 35 sit-ups and equal back exercises at bed time.

Saturday 18 April: Walked pushing stroller all day in St. Augustine. 30 sit-ups and 20 lateral sit-ups at bed time. Corresponding back exercises. 5 push-ups (miserable total, I know, but at least they were the full-deal military ones) and then as many girly push-ups as I could knock out.

Sunday 19 April: Walked around Jacksonville Zoo all day, once again pushing stroller. Gave abs rest day.

Monday 20 April: 30 minutes on mini stepper with wrist weights (4 lbs each). 50 sit-ups and corresponding back exercises. 6 push-ups and as many girly ones as I could knock out.

Tuesday 21 April: 35 sit-ups and 2o lateral ones. Corresponding back exercises.

Wednesday 22 April: Walked two miles with stroller. Will do at least 40 sit-ups before bed. Will also try to match my 6 push-ups from Monday.

I have to confess, most of this stuff isn't new for me. I've just started doing it every night instead of whenever I remember it. Hopefully I can keep it up until June so that I can rock my new bathing suit when Inky and I hit the beach.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April Challenge: Well, It's Almost Over

Bonjour c'est moi INKY with the April Challenge. This is a pretty cool challenge because we are halfway through the month! But the challenge for this month involves something no one wants to do anyway so it's okay if we only do it for two weeks.

SKate and I are ready to go to the BEACH. Unfortunately, the weather here has not yet become beach ready. Why?!?!? The first day of Spring has come and gone, and I still need a heavy blanket at night! I blame groundhogs.

Luckily, this gives us a little time to get in shape for the beach. So our April Challenge becomes:

April Challenge: Get In Shape!

Two weeks is not a long time to get in shape per se, but I think I lost nine pounds in two weeks on a jump rope. Now if I can only get myself motivated to jump rope again...Anyway. With any luck, this will give us some great new habits, and we will continue them into May.

I'll have to weigh myself and take measurements so I know how much I improve. Finding someone who has a scale is the hard part.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

When You Are Engulfed In Procrastination

Hey y'all. Sorry that it has been so long. It got a little hectic toward the beginning of the month.

SKate's selection for me for the Book Club was David Sedaris' When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I was not familiar with any of his earlier work. All that I knew about him was that he was an author and his sister was Amy. I am so glad that SKate loaned me this book, because I probably never would have taken it upon myself to read it. I am a large reader of heavy textbook-esque tomes.

When You Are Engulfed In Flames is a collection of essays about Sedaris' personal and family life. Some of the essays are more exaggerated or fictionalized than others; all are witty and hilarious. The last essay in the book is dedicated to Sedaris' mission to quit smoking - the method involves moving to Japan, and it was a great joy to read. I read some of it over the phone to a friend who had lived in Japan and it made her want to pick it up.

Since I was familiar with Amy Sedaris, she of I Like You fame, it was especially fun to read the vignettes involving her: I knew what she looked like and how she spoke, so it was easy to picture the interchange.

Unfortunately for me, I am at the library computer and I am on a timer, and this is all the room that I have - I have to run home and get ready for work. But I will hopefully be back soon with the month's late Challenge.

Thank you for the book, SKate! I loved it and it made me run out and read all the library had to offer me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, my dog, it's been two weeks...

Sorry for the lack of updates, gang - I'm currently trying to simultaneously wean the Bean and get her sleep a little better at night. She's finally starting to do both, but I've been like the walking dead for the last month at least. Every time I've thought about doing anything more creative than cooking dinner, my brain has just gone "ugh!" and suggested eating ice cream instead.

But now Bean is sleeping through night (mostly) and I'm feeling human again, so now for my long-promised review of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel.

First, a three line plot synopsis: Bechdel grew up with a somewhat distant, highly inscrutable perfectionist father who revealed his homosexuality to her shortly after she came out of the closet herself. He then died two weeks later. Fun Home is Bechdel's attempt to piece together her father's life against the backdrop of her own childhood and adolescence.

My take on the novel: First of all, I must say that this is the most literate graphic novel I think I've ever read. A lot of the story telling is woven around quotations from Homer, Joyce, Colette, Fitzgerald, Wilde, and Proust. This serves to both enrich the narrative and make the reader wish she was better read. This particular plot device is central to the novel, since Bechdel's father was an English teacher/undertaker and much of their communication to each other comes in the form of books: classics that he gives to his daughter, and in her case of a copy of Kate Millet's Flying unconsciously left for him.

Bechdel weaves these literary themes around the story of her family in the 1960's and 70's, using them to try and explain her father's obsession with their elaborate Victorian house, her mother's withdrawn preoccupation with music and community theater, and the quiet weirdness of the family business (the local funeral parlor, which becomes the "Fun Home" in the Bechdel lexicon). Bechdel also uses them to elaborate on her own childhood struggles with traditional femininity, which later segue into questions about her sexual identity.

This book is a graphic novel, but more than a graphic novel. There are the usual cartoon panels, but the book is also full of original sources from Bechdel's family lore: Photoshopped passport pictures, letters in her father's original hand, and family vacation photos, all slipped into the narrative when necessary. It serves as an almost disturbing grounding for the story, constantly reminding you that these people are not a figment of Bechdel's imagination - they are as real as your own mom, dad, and siblings.

This revelation is sometime unwelcome during her recounting of her early years with her father. The man comes off as distant and forbidding - the panels almost emit the coldness and tension of life with an unfulfilled, unhappy patriarch. Bechdel manages to slowly bring the reader to an understanding with that man, probably mirroring her own journey of discovery with him, but it takes a while to shed that first grim impression. I was still wallowing in an intense dislike of him until the final section of the book.

This really is a hell of a novel. The flyleaf of Inky's copy of Fun Home lists all of the awards and recognitions it received in 2006, and it richly deserved each one. It wasn't an easy read at times, but it rewards the reader who stays with Bechdel and her struggling parents and siblings. I'm glad I went along for the ride. And I'm glad Inky gave me the wheels :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All right, folks, it's April, and Inky's up for the next challenge. She'll have it up ASAP. I'm hoping it involves the beach. I'm ready for summer.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Selections

Hi, guys! Inky is currently sans computer, so I'll be posting solo for a bit until we figure out a creative way around the public library's "personal content" filters (and what they consider personal content is extremely arbitrary, but that's another matter altogether).

We've made our selections for the book club, and the swap went down at Inky's swinging new pad last Monday.

Inky's choice: Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel

My selection: When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris

I finished Fun Home about a week ago, and I'm still turning it over in my brain. It's a complicated story, and probably the most literary graphic novel that I've ever read. I don't want to post a simple review because it deserves some serious brain-power, so I'm aiming to have some well considered thoughts ready for posting next week.

I will, however, say that I think it's funny that Inky and I both chose gay-friendly content for each other to read. Truly, great minds do think alike :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March Challenge

Hey, guys! Long time, no post, I know - but I'm back!

I've recently rediscovered the joys of the library, so this month's event is reading-themed.

March Challenge: The Inky and SKate book club!

Inky and I will each pick out a book for the other to read. We'll report on our findings as we go along. Hopefully we'll be able to enlighten and entertain each other - or at least establish that maybe we shouldn't trade books that often.

I'll be heading up to Fernandina to check out Inky's groovy new pad this coming week, so I'll bring my selection to her then. I'm excited about what she'll pick for me.

go shawty it yo b-day

Happy Birthday to my bestest friend SKate! I hope it is a happy one and I wish you many more!

Soon we will have the March Challenge. I can't wait to see what it will be!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amigurumi swap - done!

Inky and I finished our amigurumi challenge, and we met up for the swap on Sunday. Here's what we made:Inky's creation (on the right) was the most awesome teal skate in the world. He's happy and floaty and he's currently keeping my other skates company on the shelf in my office. They all seem very happy together. As soon as my camera recharges I'll take a picture of them all so that you can judge for yourself..

My piece (on the left) was a bastardized version of a pattern I found on Etsy. It was supposed to be a little boy in a T-Rex suit, but I decided that it had to be an Inkysaurus instead. Note the dark bangs and big dangly earrings. Due to some equipment shortages in my area (darn you, Orange Park Joann's and Michael's) my amigurumi didn't turn out exactly the way I planned, but I'm still fairly pleased with the results.

And just because Inky is awesome, she made a bonus amigurumi:

Meet the beet! He's soft and cuddly and, unlike his vegetable cousins, does not make me sick to my stomach. He makes me happy instead. He also makes Bean happy; she appropriated him on the way home.

Since we finished early, I started a hat for Bean out of pinky camouflaged yarn. I'm hoping to get it done by the end of the month. I should get it done by the end of the month, darn it! Look at all the stuff Inky can churn out. Inky rocks.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Congratulations, Inky!!!!

Inky has a new job cooking some of the finest lunches and evening nibbles that Amelia Island has to offer. Everyone join me in congratulating Chef Inky on her new adventure:

Hip-hip HURRAY!!!

(or Hurrah if you're feeling British)

GO INKY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Woohoo I am so excited!!! I would post a picture but I want it to be a surprise. I didn't think I was that close to being done, but I finished it all tonight! I would like to thank the Academy, and SKate, and of course SKate's mom. Oh boy oh boy. I love making cute things!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally getting started

Yes, I know that the month is half done, but I just finally started my amigurumi today. I've finished the first piece:

Now only six more to go! (That's not counting the final finishing, of course).

The crocheting is lot more time-consuming than it should be due to two reasons.

1. My grandmother was the one who taught me how to crochet when I was about five years old. I don't know if she never taught me the names of stitches, or if she did and my wee mind jettisoned them to make room for the lyrics of the "Fraggle Rock" theme song, but to this day I don't know most of the stitch names. I have to constantly cross-check my little crochet manual or internet tutorials against my pattern. It always takes me at least five rows before I can mentally connect "single crochet" with the motion I learned almost twenty-four years ago.

2. I've been knitting recently more than I have been crocheting, so my fingers keep wanting to do the wrong motions. I don't know if this is common among needleworkers, or if it means that I have the motor skills of an empty potato sack. Either way, it's the way I am.

I still think I should be on track to finish by month's end. I just have to keep going, and refuse any more help from my daughter. This is Bean's attempt to help with the yarn:

As you can see, she thought the inclusion of a toy would add to the artistic merit of the work. While I agreed that it was charming in an outsider-artist kind of way, I explained that it wasn't really in keeping with the amigurumi theme. Then I gave her my practice swatch to play with, and she was happy.

I hope Inky's happy with the finished product. It doesn't look like much now, but I have high hopes for the future.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

wtf crochet

Bonjour c'est moi Inky. I am proud to report that my challenge for February is half-done. It has gotten thus far due to the tutoring influence of SKate's mother, who has kindly given me tea and cookies and helped me when I so often go awry with hook and yarn.

Unfortunately I think my project is going to remain half-done until next week as SKate is having her mother to her house for a few days and I, who so confidently thought I could Finish This Off without any additional help, am sitting here frustrated trying to join a new piece of yarn into my current project. Every time I try to do it, I get hung up on this slipknot or things stop looking like Single Crochet and start looking like A Mess so I just rip it out for the fifth time. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow. Or maybe I'll have to wait until next week.

It's Darwin Day!!!!

Our old boy of evolution would have been two hundred today. So join all of the finches, tortoises, and beagles in wishing him many happy returns. Love ya, Charles!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inky and SKate take NOLA

Oh, where, oh where to start... well, guess I'll start at the beginning.

We arrived in New Orleans on Monday night. I got us incredibly lost, but Inky managed to finally find our hotel (hurray!). Our first glimpse of the city was in the dark:The next day we headed out along Canal Street in search of sustenance. We had barely gone a block when we were greeted by a local:(That's a bronze of Ignatius Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces in case you can't make out the shot). This welcome delighted Inky and SKate to no end, since we both love-love-LOVED that book. Even though I'm pretty sure that Ignatius would not have approved of us: me in my Boden Euro-biker style jacket with a baby in a stroller, and Inky with her fabulous earrings and red pea coat. We would have been "abortions" in his eyes.

We found breakfast at Cafe Beignet along Royal Street, along with a lovely languid cat.Then it was time to stroll around the French Quarter. We beat feet until mid-afternoon, when we enjoyed a brief sojourn at the park on Jackson Square.A trip to St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 was supposed to happen on Tuesday as well, but we managed to arrive about ten minutes after the placed was locked for the day. So this was our second stop on Wednesday. Our first stop was for an Egg McThingie at a certain corporate restaurant on Canal Street, where we also peeped our personal New Orleans hero: the guy we had spied the day before, cycling down Canal Street with a green umbrella hat, a pink backpack, and a bullhorn under his arm. Umbrella Bullhorn guy came and sat at the table next to us, which made Inky and me practically clap our hands in delight. Unfortunately, I didn't have the guts to ask for a picture :(

St. Louis Cemetery Number 1 was AMAZING. Right by the entrance was quite possibly the grooviest tomb ever:Followed quickly by the acknowledged resting place of Marie Laveau, the voodoo queen. Inky paused to pay Madamoiselle some homageand we both admired the offerings left for her pleasure.A little further back in the cemetery, Inky pointed out the second tomb of Marie Laveau. Turns out that no one knows exactly where she truly is, so people pay their respects to both masoleums just to be safe.It was a gorgeous day, although it was incredibly cold, even for February. We stopped for a delicious lunch at Sammy's on Bourbon Street (best sweet potato fries EVER!!!) and the spent the afternoon doing the mandatory souvenir shopping (AKA, dashing from store to store in order to stay warm).

Thursday was checkout day, and we hit the road at nine sharp. We had one final mission to accomplish, after all, one that we didn't even realize would be ours at the onset of our trip.

Did you know that there was a Bagdad, Florida?

Well, we sure didn't until we drove past it on Monday. So we had to take a peek at this delightfully named burg on our way home. There wasn't a whole lot there (hence the lack of original photos) but it made Inky and me happy just by the fact that it existed.

Speaking of surprise stops, we also had a great lunch at La Rumba outside of DeFuniak Springs. They have lots of $5 and under lunch specials, and their enchilada sauce is delicately spiced perfection. Inky and I were still raving about it a couple of hours later. I might plan another I-10 road trip so that I can get more.

So there's our New Orleans adventure, documented for your pleasure. If you haven't overdosed on photos, you can check out my flickr page.

Now, it's off to my yarn stash to choose my weapons for the Amigurumi Challenge!

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's February!

Bonjour c'est moi Inky! SKate and I had a lovely time in New Orleans, complete with photos! I am sure that SKate will be more than happy to update them when she has time, what with her busy schedule. Keeping up a family, a house, and two blogs is not for the weak!

I am here bearing not photos, but the FEBRUARY CHALLENGE!

February Challenge: Amigurumi Gift Exchange.

SKate was so kind as to introduce me to crocheting, giving me all the needed supplies for my birthday! Unfortunately that was months ago and all I have learned is Chainin'. My friend Lulu even tried to help me learn Single Crochet stitches, but all I managed was....a lump? Kind of?

At any rate I am ready to pick up my hook and start making Cute Things. It is my life goal to Make Cute Things, and since SKate gifted me with so many crafty accoutrements, I want my very first crocheted thing to be for her! Hence the exchange.

I am sure that I will be back throughout the month with many tales of yarn. Have at thee!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


We're off to New Orleans this week, guys. But don't worry - we'll be back with our February challenge and tales of all our great Nawlins adventures before you can say "beignet."

Until then!

A Day Late and a Dollar Short!

I swear to y'all I had this done on time. But I had almost no sleep the other night and had to patrol my family's yard sale early in the morning, so I wound up going to bed at 3:30 pm yesterday and woke up too late and too groggy to post on time.

Behold my nonsense!:

I hate chalk pastels, y'all. I was telling SKate the other day, if chalk pastels were a person, I would murder them, because they would likely be the most annoying person that ever walked the face of the planet. I also think that I used entirely the wrong paper for this, but it's not like I am going to do it over.

Chalk pastels bug me. They honestly give me chills. I cannot abide the sensation of accidentally scraping my fingernails on them, nor can I stand washing my hands every three seconds. I have been looking at the reference drawings I did for this composition and I am thinking I'll redo this one in black and white. It is less eerie in color. Or I could tone the color down; we'll see. All I know is, I am not doing anything in chalk except drawing on a sidewalk.

January poll results are in!

Which marine animal was your favorite?

It was a dead tie between octopus and mermaid.

Hurray for half-humans and eight legged sea creatures!

Scroll down for February's poll; this one is important :)

Friday, January 30, 2009


I just opened the box and these are not oil pastels.

They are chalk pastels.

I hate chalk pastels. I didn't even think they made them anymore.

Oh well. I will do this in chalk pastel but man I am gonna hate washing my hands every five minutes


SKate challenge #1 - Done!

Got my GRE book on Wednesday - finally got some photo evidence today.

Now I just have to actually read it. And figure out what to do about grad school. Ugh. This is the challenge that keeps on challenging.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am a b*tch slapped potential grad student.

So here's where I stand on my January challenge:

1) I have ordered my GRE prep book, and it will be here by Saturday (hurray! I slip in under the line!)

2) No colleges in my general area offer a master's program in Economics.

The closest place that offers my preferred program is Gainesville (about 60-80 minutes drive), but they have this hideous, ivory-tower prep program that feeds straight into a PhD. and accepts only about one person a year. I don't have the time, the motivation, or the GPA for that. My other option for an advanced Economics degree is University of Central Florida (two and a half hours drive). Their program actually looks great, but seriously - five hours in the car? If I feel I can't simultaneously hold down a full time job and take care of my daughter, how the heck can I justify that?

So it's back to the drawing board for me. Right now the plan is to pass the GRE, and then I'll either find another subject to study or try to work something out with UCF. Either way, I'll make it happen. It will just take some evil plotting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am a frustrated artist.

You can read the above in your preferred hilarious accent. Bonjour c'est moi Inky with the update to my challenge. It's coming down to the line, isn't it?

Being unemployed has its perks. The main perk is that I don't have to go to work, but really, I am able to draw as much as I like and not worry about the fact that it might be five in the morning. Therefore, I have completed a concept sketch for my finished project. Hooray! The hardest part is over.

However, even though I have many scraps from my very short art school education, I don't think I have the right paper for these darn oil pastels. I think I only have smooth Bristol board. UNSUITABLE. However, now that I am looking up oil pastels on the Internet, it seems that I can use watercolor paper. Who knew? Not I. So perhaps somewhere amidst the remnants of my semester at Ringling, there is some watercolor paper, and I will not have to spend my money on yet another pad of expensive art paper.

Also, while I am speaking of looking up oil pastels on the internet, I never really thought of the act of using them being called 'painting'. Oh well. I guess I have always thought of it as a high-class crayon.

That's it for me. I hope there is some watercolor paper lurking in my room. Hope to post again soon with the finished results!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Challenge # 1: SKate

I have a feeling that your end product is going to be much more decorative than mine, Inky (for anyone who doesn't already know, Inky is an incredible artist).

My January project is a lot simpler and less labor-intensive: I'm going to order a GRE prep book and finally check the prerequisites for a Master's degree in Economics. Since I've been talking about grad school since Bean* was about five months old, this is a long overdue step. But better late than never!

I'll report back in a couple of days with my findings. Since I already have a BA in Econ, I'm hoping that I won't have to take too many crappy courses to qualify for an advanced program. However, I did get that sucker through the business school at my college, and I'll have to go through Arts and Science for the master's program. This could signify the coming of my doom.

Wish me luck!

*= my daughter, who was born March of last year. This is just a nickname, I did not christen my daughter after the common word for a legume.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge #1: Inky

Bonjour c'est moi INKY with my January Challenge.

I have very many things that I have been putting off doing. As of this moment, I am putting off at least ten things, and very possibly even more than ten things. It is of my opinion that I have inherited my procrastinating genes from my parents. One day I will perhaps go out and get some new genes (designer ones, preferably), but this would also involve Doing and therefore I am putting it off. So, as you can tell, choosing something To Do from my enormous list of Yet To Do is a bit daunting.

However, I am up for a challenge, so my January To-Do Challenge is to use my brand-new, still-in-their-box oil pastels that I bought months ago and finish a piece of artwork. I can't guarantee that I will not finish it on the last day of the month, but it is my challenge and I choose to accept it!

Let's get this party started!

Welcome to the world of Inky and SKate. It may seem a little pink here, but don't worry - you'll soon come to love it as much as we do.

A little background on us: Inky and I have been best friends since we met in first grade (Inky always says it was third grade, but I have photo evidence of her attending my sixth birthday party, so I hold fast to my claim). We're pretty different people, and always have been, but we have some great stuff in common, first and foremost being wit and style. And now we bring that wit and style to you.

Since every blog needs a focus, we've decided to build ours around a series of monthly challenges. We'll each post weekly to report any progress we've made on this month's task, or to just bitch about random stuff we hate (and we hate lots of stuff). This may change over time, but for right now it will give us a little structure and purpose.

My idea is that we alternate who throws down the gauntlet each month, so that one of us is always surprised. Since I got to write the first full post, I'll start.

January Challenge: Do something you've been putting off for a while.

Since we only have ten days to finish this one, make it something fairly small or easy (especially since you have to come up with February's challenge, too, Inky).

I'm off to scour my to-do list for my task. Bring yours on, Inky!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009