Friday, February 6, 2009

It's February!

Bonjour c'est moi Inky! SKate and I had a lovely time in New Orleans, complete with photos! I am sure that SKate will be more than happy to update them when she has time, what with her busy schedule. Keeping up a family, a house, and two blogs is not for the weak!

I am here bearing not photos, but the FEBRUARY CHALLENGE!

February Challenge: Amigurumi Gift Exchange.

SKate was so kind as to introduce me to crocheting, giving me all the needed supplies for my birthday! Unfortunately that was months ago and all I have learned is Chainin'. My friend Lulu even tried to help me learn Single Crochet stitches, but all I managed was....a lump? Kind of?

At any rate I am ready to pick up my hook and start making Cute Things. It is my life goal to Make Cute Things, and since SKate gifted me with so many crafty accoutrements, I want my very first crocheted thing to be for her! Hence the exchange.

I am sure that I will be back throughout the month with many tales of yarn. Have at thee!

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  1. Imagine me brandishing a crochet hook and shouting "En garde!" I accept the challenge!