Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Challenge #1: Inky

Bonjour c'est moi INKY with my January Challenge.

I have very many things that I have been putting off doing. As of this moment, I am putting off at least ten things, and very possibly even more than ten things. It is of my opinion that I have inherited my procrastinating genes from my parents. One day I will perhaps go out and get some new genes (designer ones, preferably), but this would also involve Doing and therefore I am putting it off. So, as you can tell, choosing something To Do from my enormous list of Yet To Do is a bit daunting.

However, I am up for a challenge, so my January To-Do Challenge is to use my brand-new, still-in-their-box oil pastels that I bought months ago and finish a piece of artwork. I can't guarantee that I will not finish it on the last day of the month, but it is my challenge and I choose to accept it!

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